Lightbringer Learning Center (LLC) started in 1998 as a private pre-school in response to the growing needs for early childhood education in the Biliran Province. In the first year of operation, LLC was located at the 3rd floor of NL Limpiado Building P. Inocentes Street, Naval, Biliran. There were 33 children enrolled that year with 3 class levels (Nursery I, Nursery II and Kindergarten) whose ages ranged from 2-5 years old.

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Lightbringer students and graduates are tomorrow's citizens of character equipped to lead by serving and making a difference in the community and the world.

Core Values

Core Values

Leadership - Shaping future leaders with Christian virtues

Integrity - Practicing honesty, good morals and excellence in our work

God-Centeredness - Seeking God's will in everything we down

Humility - Following Christ's example in service to others

Teamwork - Learning to work well with others to success